Iceland Photo Book x Blurb

It's nearing a year since I traveled to Iceland for the first time and I recently finished up a project with Blurb to make a photo book of my photos from my ten day trip. I had never seen any of my photography work in print until this project and it was quite moving for me. Seeing my work in print brought me back to individual experiences from my trip, it made me feel so much more emotion than when I see my photos on a screen. Most of all, tangibly seeing my photos made me appreciate my work and skill that I have worked to so hard to perfect over the years. I am so so pleased with how the book turned out and I am considering making them available for sale as well.

Working on this project inspired me. It gave me ideas to better document future travels. It also has me dreaming about making more books like this in the future.

I organized the book in chronological order by day using roman numerals. I purposely did not add any commentary as to allow the viewer's imagination to go wild or to open the door for questions and conversations about my time in Iceland.

Thank you to Blurb for helping make this project possible!