Galentine's Day | February 13, 2016

Since Andrew was out of town this Valentine's Day weekend shooting a wedding in Guatemala (I know, jealous...), we are celebrating next weekend. So, this weekend my friends Natalie (@nataliewall), Sam (@samlandreth) and I went down to Capitol Hill in Seattle to hang out and snap some pictures.

Our original intent of going to Capitol Hill was to take some pictures inside a greenhouse in Volunteer Park. I have always wanted to shoot in a greenhouse because the pictures I have seen online look so beautiful with the greenery, cute cacti and such. Well, when we arrived the greenhouse was PACKED! Not only was it full of people, but there was an entry fee as well as a sign that noted that photography was not allowed without a permit. We were pretty bummed but plan to go back another time or to another greenhouse where we don't need a permit and it isn't packed. 

Volunteer Park was still beautiful so we took advantage of the greenery outside and took some portraits.

Sam in a tree. It's casual.

Sam in a tree. It's casual.

Next on the agenda was to go to Oddfellows Cafe to get coffee and food. Well, yet again it was packed! (Guess we should have thought of that since it was Valentine's Day weekend). So we walked a few doors down, popping into this awesome shop along the way, and ended up at the Lostlake Cafe + Lounge where we enjoyed brunch together.

After that we went to a shipyard in Seattle to check out some boats and get a few more portraits in. It was pretty rainy and wet by that time, but the girls and I were committed to getting some good pictures out of the day. Our butts might have been a little wet from sitting on the wet docks but whateva!

We finished off the day by making laps around the shipyard sticking our heads out the window. The pictures didn't turn out nearly as cool as we thought but it definitely resulted in lots of laughter. No complaints.

Also, I attempted to make a vlog (lol) so take a watch. I'm sitting here laughing at how not funny I am but it's cool ya know.