Hi Bear | February 6, 2016

Started the day off early at 5:30am with Andrew (@andrewtkearns) and my friends Rob (@robstrok) and Eli (@westcoasteli) to head to Vance Creek Bridge in Shelton. Although we got a little behind schedule and missed sunrise, my first time at Vance Creek Bridge was still great!

After Vance Creek, we hit up the Olympic Game Farm where we met some new furry friends. We even waved hello to a few bears.

We finished the day off by catching sunset at First Beach in La Push area. If you're wondering, yes this is where Twilight was filmed (near Forks). The sunset was beautiful as always.

After the sun set we made a fire to warm up before hitting the road back home.

On our way home we hit up Applebee's for Happy Hour, a classic, and took the ferry back home. Overall the day was great with even greater people. Need to spend more time on the Olympic Peninsula.


Becca Tapert