Iceland | Day 1

We arrived in Iceland at 6:30am today (Tuesday, October 25th). Iceland is seven hours ahead of Seattle so we stayed up all day until now where I'm writing this post (2:30am Iceland time) before I head to bed. I've been awake for 36 hours now... I'm a little tired to say the least (: Anyway, Iceland is like another planet-- it still hasn't hit me that this is real! The landscapes and colors are out of this world, breathtaking to say the least. The weather right now is in the mid 40's and super super windy and rainy which makes it feel much colder. I am regretting not purchasing a better coat for this weather, but the frigid weather is worth all of the experiences we are sharing.

Me and five other people are staying here for about ten days, here's the group!
Alivia Latimer --
Allie Taylor --
Arielle Spring --
Philipp Litvin --
Ryan Wilson --

Today we spent most of the day in Reykjavík and the nearby areas. Here are some selects from today.

Also- huge shoutout to Geysir for sponsoring us on our trip with the Land Rover Defender!