Iceland Photo Book x Blurb

It's nearing a year since I traveled to Iceland for the first time and I recently finished up a project with Blurb to make a photo book of my photos from my ten day trip. I had never seen any of my photography work in print until this project and it was quite moving for me. Seeing my work in print brought me back to individual experiences from my trip, it made me feel so much more emotion than when I see my photos on a screen. Most of all, tangibly seeing my photos made me appreciate my work and skill that I have worked to so hard to perfect over the years. I am so so pleased with how the book turned out and I am considering making them available for sale as well.

Working on this project inspired me. It gave me ideas to better document future travels. It also has me dreaming about making more books like this in the future.

I organized the book in chronological order by day using roman numerals. I purposely did not add any commentary as to allow the viewer's imagination to go wild or to open the door for questions and conversations about my time in Iceland.

Thank you to Blurb for helping make this project possible!


Iceland | Day 2

Day two was very wet and windy and cooollllld! Definitely didn't bring the best gear here. Already planning a trip back and will definitely pack better. We had the opportunity to have a two-day guided tour with Midgard Adventure. Our guide, Ólafur (we call him Ollie) was incredible and took us to some places we didn't know about. He definitely made our experience unforgettable!

Huge shout out to Midgard Adventure for the tour, definitely a highlight of our trip!

Iceland | Day 1

We arrived in Iceland at 6:30am today (Tuesday, October 25th). Iceland is seven hours ahead of Seattle so we stayed up all day until now where I'm writing this post (2:30am Iceland time) before I head to bed. I've been awake for 36 hours now... I'm a little tired to say the least (: Anyway, Iceland is like another planet-- it still hasn't hit me that this is real! The landscapes and colors are out of this world, breathtaking to say the least. The weather right now is in the mid 40's and super super windy and rainy which makes it feel much colder. I am regretting not purchasing a better coat for this weather, but the frigid weather is worth all of the experiences we are sharing.

Me and five other people are staying here for about ten days, here's the group!
Alivia Latimer --
Allie Taylor --
Arielle Spring --
Philipp Litvin --
Ryan Wilson --

Today we spent most of the day in Reykjavík and the nearby areas. Here are some selects from today.

Also- huge shoutout to Geysir for sponsoring us on our trip with the Land Rover Defender!

Nata Sarafinchan

Where do I start? This girl is straight beauty. Beyond her appearance, she is so sweet, fun, caring + generous. Can't wait to meet up with you again, Nata  -- thanks for getting my ice cream cone (:

Hope you enjoy the pictures, I had a hard time picking my favorites.



Amelia for Unionbay + Aeropostale

I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet new people through social media. On a recent trip to California I met up with Amelia and we headed to the beach in Malibu. Along with my friend Jerry, another photographer, we had a blast taking photos and just hanging out and having a good time. We ended our time together with smoothies, which are my fave, before I had to head to the airport. Amelia was so rad and when we met it was like we had known each other for years. Can't wait 'til we meet again (:

Thanks Unionbay and Aeropostale for the clothes! Click to expand for product details.

Unionbay shirt:

In Home Shoot with Jamie Davelaar

As a creative I always want to be pushing myself to try new things and test the limits of my creativity and capabilities. I had my good friend Jamie over to shoot around my house, something I've always wanted to do! I ran to the store beforehand and bought a bunch of random props. I am super happy with how the shoot went and seriously had so much fun. Probably one of my most favorite shoots to date. 


Madison for Aeropostale #InAero

Met up with Madi for the first time to shoot some product for Aeropostale. The weather was atrocious and insanely stormy and rainy. Thanks to Madi being super rad and flexible, (and thanks to weather maps), we drove a few hours to the only spot where it wasn't raining, the North Cascades. I loved the adventure of searching for dry weather and just getting to talk with Madison just as much as I loved shooting with her. Here are some of my favorite selections from the day.

Thanks for reading!


Amy Holt | Hollywood

Sam and I have been on a two week road trip that started in Seattle and drove through Oregon, California, now Arizona and then Utah. We have one more week left on the trip and it has been incredible so far. It has been awesome living on the road and seeing places that have been on my bucket list for a while. During our last day in LA, we shot at Sunset Ranch near the Hollywood sign during golden hour. I loved meeting + shooting with Amy! She was easy going, fun, goofy and comfortable in front of the camera. She made my job really easy and I'm excited to shoot with her again next time I find myself in LA. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot!



Kaity Tainer

I got the pleasure to meet + shoot with Kaity Tainer this past weekend. We walked around Washington Park Arboretum and snuck up on a rooftop in Seattle. Kaity is a natural in front of the camera and is an overall rad individual.

Diablo Lake | March 21, 2016

Sam (@samlandreth) was up in Washington visiting for a few days so we headed up north to Diablo Lake. We had crazy conditions-- everything from direct sunlight, overcast, torrential downpour, and extreme winds. We wanted to get to Washington Pass Lookout as well but the road was still closed from the snow, planning another trip there as soon as the road reopens! 

Shooting in direct sunlight was a bit of a challenge but I enjoyed it, I was happy with how the pictures turned out. (Learn more about the pieces in Sam's outfit here!)

Lesson learned this trip: Don't forget to pack snacks for long road trips. We were two very hungry, and grumpy people by the end of our trip. Shoutout to Bob's Burgers for coming to the rescue.

Check out Sam's photography work here! + her fashion blog here!



Galentine's Day | February 13, 2016

Since Andrew was out of town this Valentine's Day weekend shooting a wedding in Guatemala (I know, jealous...), we are celebrating next weekend. So, this weekend my friends Natalie (@nataliewall), Sam (@samlandreth) and I went down to Capitol Hill in Seattle to hang out and snap some pictures.

Our original intent of going to Capitol Hill was to take some pictures inside a greenhouse in Volunteer Park. I have always wanted to shoot in a greenhouse because the pictures I have seen online look so beautiful with the greenery, cute cacti and such. Well, when we arrived the greenhouse was PACKED! Not only was it full of people, but there was an entry fee as well as a sign that noted that photography was not allowed without a permit. We were pretty bummed but plan to go back another time or to another greenhouse where we don't need a permit and it isn't packed. 

Volunteer Park was still beautiful so we took advantage of the greenery outside and took some portraits.

Sam in a tree. It's casual.

Sam in a tree. It's casual.

Next on the agenda was to go to Oddfellows Cafe to get coffee and food. Well, yet again it was packed! (Guess we should have thought of that since it was Valentine's Day weekend). So we walked a few doors down, popping into this awesome shop along the way, and ended up at the Lostlake Cafe + Lounge where we enjoyed brunch together.

After that we went to a shipyard in Seattle to check out some boats and get a few more portraits in. It was pretty rainy and wet by that time, but the girls and I were committed to getting some good pictures out of the day. Our butts might have been a little wet from sitting on the wet docks but whateva!

We finished off the day by making laps around the shipyard sticking our heads out the window. The pictures didn't turn out nearly as cool as we thought but it definitely resulted in lots of laughter. No complaints.

Also, I attempted to make a vlog (lol) so take a watch. I'm sitting here laughing at how not funny I am but it's cool ya know.


Hi Bear | February 6, 2016

Started the day off early at 5:30am with Andrew (@andrewtkearns) and my friends Rob (@robstrok) and Eli (@westcoasteli) to head to Vance Creek Bridge in Shelton. Although we got a little behind schedule and missed sunrise, my first time at Vance Creek Bridge was still great!

After Vance Creek, we hit up the Olympic Game Farm where we met some new furry friends. We even waved hello to a few bears.

We finished the day off by catching sunset at First Beach in La Push area. If you're wondering, yes this is where Twilight was filmed (near Forks). The sunset was beautiful as always.

After the sun set we made a fire to warm up before hitting the road back home.

On our way home we hit up Applebee's for Happy Hour, a classic, and took the ferry back home. Overall the day was great with even greater people. Need to spend more time on the Olympic Peninsula.


Deception Pass | January 30, 2016

Spent the day with Andrew and my friend Mikayla going to a classic place in Washington, Deception Pass. Although I think Deception Pass bridge is great, I think Rosario beach is even better and highly underrated. These pictures are from Rosario Beach nearby Deception Pass bridge, I highly recommend going there. Sunset at Rosario is even better!


New Years Day | 2016

Spent New Years Day with some dear friends taking some portraits locally in Snohomish along Pilchuck River. After our shoot we cozied up by the fire, sipped some hot cocoa and watched a movie. My ideal version of a day off. These girls were naturals in front of the camera.